Sunday, 18 January 2009

How easily we forget...

I've just been reminded of a very sad and tragic event that happened three years ago(three years ago today?) and it took the prompting of someone else to remind me of it. I won't go into details but those of you know who will know exactly what and whom I'm talking about.

I never knew him particularly well, he was sweet and friendly and we talked about books a lot. But nothing beyond that, and so I suppose I cannot claim to be upset too much beyond the objective stance of a life unnecessarily ended tragically young. The thing that's upset me most however, is the fact that I needed to be reminded.

Three years...and I couldn't tell you the last time he crossed my mind. We weren't close, but he was my friend. Are we really that transient? That after three years the impression we leave on those we know has almost vanished? Memories fade a lot quicker than you might think...

Hope you're sleeping well C xxx

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Janet said...

Big big hugs to you ((((((((()))))))))) I'm sure he'd want you to be getting on with your life, that is what he would have been doing too.