Monday, 22 September 2008

More old pictures...

Sorry, it'll get more current soon, but I think 2 posts makes the page look rather empty so I thought I would fill it with some more pictures of old projects. (Yes I can kid myself into thinking people want to see them :p)

The one on the right here is an evening style bag made from a folded record. I don't know why melting and reforming vinyl is so fun but it is:p This was made for the same girl as the black and red skirt and so in line with her requirements the interior is green satin and there is an image she chose covering the record centre.

The image on the back of the tank top is a stencil. (If you're into stenciling i find photo quality paper maksthe best stencils). The lettering round the arms is painted by hand.

And finally, this cute little critter is Terry. I made him for my boyfriend while he was revising for his exams.
He now lives on top of his computer.

EDIT! I forgot, I also made this (probably my biggest project of the summer). Alex's costume for Brinky's anime party. I forget who he was meant to be but i machined up the pink gi and hippy trousers.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Adventures in silk and tulle

Hello again! So I got very very bored this afternoon, and this sort of mindset results in me making very pretty but completely useless things. So here we go - a purple silk and tulle skirt. Its teeeeeeeny, so im thinking of selling it on ebay as a fairy skirt for a little girl (since i dont know any personally).
You can't really tell how it falls properly from the flattened out version, but it goes all pointy and pixie like at the bottom when worn. (Its the same style as the black and red skirt posted below but a bit more poofy and tutu like cos of the tulle)

Ooh lookie, I have a blog

Look everyone, I gots a blog! Well I've created this mostly to put up pictures of the things I've made/am making, and possibly have a little rant about problems encountered along the way.

So to get it started off here's a few recent creations :

The image at the top left is some gothic fabric chokers. They were pretty easy to throw together, just sort of put them together on a whim to use up some scraps i had.

The image on the right is a simple earring holder made from a melted and reformed vinyl record. It had a horrible lurid yellow centre so t now doubles up as a photo frame :)

This one is a pixie skirt made from black silk and chinese patterned fabric with an elasticated waist which I was asked to make for a teenage girl in america :)