Sunday, 11 October 2009

Bags of Bags

Hokay, so I have been conspicuously absent for a while, but fear not, for I return with (guess what) more clutch bags!!! Damn I love these things :p. So above there is another chinesy silk one, its a bit different to the other one I made in that it has an asymetric front, and D ring attachments for the straps so they can be altered to either a shoulder strap or wristlet.

I had some houndstooth left over from the last bag I made, so i bashed out another one in a similar style, again with a black bow because I think they are unapologetically cute. This one is a fair bit smaller than the other bags I have made so its got a fixed wristlet strap. Its only really big enough to carry a phone and some cash so a shoulder strap would have been a little bit excessive :p

Finally, and I think this one is probably my favourite, there is this fabulous little green one. Again it has the D rings either side for interchangable straps, and the front has an asymmetric design. Its a shame the fabric hasnt come out properly in the photo, cos the only word for it is fabulous, I love it. Its actually quite dark, with a green glittery pattern interwoven, but only the green seems to have come out cos of the flash.

Anyways as always feedback/random friendly comments are appreciated, watch this space.

Actual genuine love,


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Retro clutch bag = much procrastination

I am at present meant to be doing my contract obviously I just finished off another clutch bag I was making and decided to post it on here. What do we think? I would love some feedback. Personally I think its adorably tacky in a kind of cutsey retro kind of way, but that could just be me. If its actually hideous please do let me know :p
Made the bag bit using the same pattern I used for the chinese fabric clutch I made over Christmas, but it looked a bit plain with the less glam fabric so I thought the bow would add a bit of interest (although I'm not overly happy with how its sitting on the fabric).
Not too much to report other than that, almost the end of term, woop woop xxx

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Awesome dance filled (almost) weekend

Okay so Thursday to Saturday isn't a weekend as such but the word weekend doesn't mean a great deal in Cambridge anyways. Dancer friend came down to see me and it was awesomely fun. We went out on the Thursday night, and this particular friend is not only gorgeous, but likes to dress up when she goes out, so got a hilarious amount of attention from various menfolk in the vicinity.

Then on Friday night she came to watch my dance society's (CUTAZZ) annual show, which was also epically fun. Just a bit gutted that I had to be at the theatre from 3pm for a tech rehersal and so had to leave dancery friend on her own whilst I was bored to tears.

Anywho, she just drove off which is sad-making because now I'm sat here thinking I cant be bothered with four more weeks of uni, its time to go home :p BUT shes coming back in two weeks time to go to 'MOVE IT' which is yet another dancey thing. Its a massive dance exhibition in London with loads of different classes you can go to and (dangerously) lots of dance wear retailers. Can't wait :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The fruits of procrastination

After getting a bit sidetracked by rants of various varieties I thought it was time I got back to the crafty element of the blog. So here we go :) A skirt that I've made over the course of the last week or so just from scraps of material I happened to have (houndstooth check and black velvet). Quite pleased with howit came out considering I completely just winged it, no pattern or anything. I know the picture isnt great, I'll try to get an action shot tomorrow (since im planning on wearing it anyway!)
Other than that its all very busy around here, muchos work as always, and its my dance society's annual show on friday and saturday so my dancer friend is coming down tomorrow and coming to watch on friday which should be nice :)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Law Faculty liberation

Just by way of keeping things updated, the law faculty was liberated at 11.50 am this morning. As university students the protestors had implied license to occupy the building- as of 7.30 pm last night that license was revoked and they become trespassers. When they were still here this morning, they were issued with a court injunction and threatened with a civil action as illegal trespassers.

Like I said, the law faculty was a really bizarre choice of venue....

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hippies stole my skittles

As I am sure many of you student types are aware, there is currently a national student campaign again the goings on in Gaza (something along the lines of free palestine...) and whilst one of course cannot argue with this in principle, yes the middle east is a pretty messed up part of the world, I have spent the best part of four days seriously questioning the methods of the protesters.

Yes people, at a guess around 40 or so hippy protestors have moved into the law faculty, yes...moved in. This has struck the vast majority of the law stundets as being just incredibly strange thing to do.

First point of madness - They moved in on a friday night. The faculty isn't open over the weekend, until Monday morning the vast majority of people didn't know they were there.

Second point of madness - the main communal area of the law faculty is the lower ground floor with no a result the vast majority of people still don't know they're there.

Third point of madness - They are demanding that cambridge university issue a statement officially condeming the actions of Israel, which seems to indicate a delusion that if this were to happen the relevant authorities are all of a sudden going to go 'OH SHIT' and stop....

Very strange...

They claim that they do not wish to interrupt the daily goings on of the law faculty, however this seems to have very little truth to it, for one thing they're taken over one of the main lecture theatres to sleep in (god knows why, I can't sleep in there...I try often enough). Furthermore the bad design of the building means that the library isnt fantastically soundproof and believe it or not sound tends to carry when there are 40 student activists having a meeting downstairs.
Most shocking of all, it has recently come to my attention that the Hippies have in fact stolen my skittles. (I did of course never have any skittles and use the phrase merely for metaphorical effect) BUT my poor acquaintance Kostia, after a hard evenings work in the library, went downstairs to grab a snack only to find our once magnificent vending machine devoid of all but those few snackfoods which refuse to be vegitarian. Yes hippies stole Kotstias skittles, they stole my skittles, they have stolen the skittles of us all...WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?!?!

Basically the vending machines in the faculty have been bled dry because the faculty has told the protestors they cant keep bringing in huge vats of stew for 'health and safety reasons' - this is legalese for 'we're trying to starve you out'.

I will pause at this point to point out that I know I sound like my brain is malfunctioning, I've been in the library for maaaaaaaany hours :p

We are all just so bloody confused by the whole thing. Its so horrificaly organised, if you read their list of demands its like they just sat down whilt drunk I scribbled down a list of things that popped into their heads. They want everything from the statement of condemnation and the University to withdraw investment in the arms trade (which is understandable but regrettably completely unfeasible) to completely unrelated specific things like 12 scolarships for palestinian students every year. Yes that would benice wouldn't it....what the hell has it got to do with the fact the Israeli's are bombing civilians?!? MADNESS i tells ye.

Anyway as I'm sure you, my avid readers, will be relieved to hear, the counter offensive has begun. Underneath the large banner saying FREE PALESTINE there now hangs a much more understated Free The Law Fac poster. Several more of these have appeared around the faculty building, including one placed in the self declaring 'campaign media centre' updating the world on the fact that the protest is achieving nothing. There are also rapidly growing facebook groups 'Get out of the law faculty' and in fact 'hippies stole my skittles' gathering support from the Cambridge legal community. Finally, as I type I am sat in the squire library with my dear friend hannah, each of us wearing drunkenly painted grey t-shirts brandishing the slogan 'free the lawfac' across them. (Isn't freedom of speech wonderful?)

A final note: on the one hand its probably a good thing that some people are challenging the apathy of our generation. On the other hand by sitting around in wooly hats and gypsy skirts with dredlocked hair they sure as hell aren't challenging any stereotypes either. Whilst it seems apathy may not reign supreme this is not exactly a return to the days of burning student activism. They're sat downstairs, in our nicely heated faculty, complete with indoor plumbing, a water fountain, a cafe that is open 9-2, lots of sitting space, and guess what, taking full advantage of our wi-fi on their laptops. Its not the sort of image that fills you with hope for mankind is it...?

Sunday, 18 January 2009

How easily we forget...

I've just been reminded of a very sad and tragic event that happened three years ago(three years ago today?) and it took the prompting of someone else to remind me of it. I won't go into details but those of you know who will know exactly what and whom I'm talking about.

I never knew him particularly well, he was sweet and friendly and we talked about books a lot. But nothing beyond that, and so I suppose I cannot claim to be upset too much beyond the objective stance of a life unnecessarily ended tragically young. The thing that's upset me most however, is the fact that I needed to be reminded.

Three years...and I couldn't tell you the last time he crossed my mind. We weren't close, but he was my friend. Are we really that transient? That after three years the impression we leave on those we know has almost vanished? Memories fade a lot quicker than you might think...

Hope you're sleeping well C xxx