Saturday, 21 February 2009

Awesome dance filled (almost) weekend

Okay so Thursday to Saturday isn't a weekend as such but the word weekend doesn't mean a great deal in Cambridge anyways. Dancer friend came down to see me and it was awesomely fun. We went out on the Thursday night, and this particular friend is not only gorgeous, but likes to dress up when she goes out, so got a hilarious amount of attention from various menfolk in the vicinity.

Then on Friday night she came to watch my dance society's (CUTAZZ) annual show, which was also epically fun. Just a bit gutted that I had to be at the theatre from 3pm for a tech rehersal and so had to leave dancery friend on her own whilst I was bored to tears.

Anywho, she just drove off which is sad-making because now I'm sat here thinking I cant be bothered with four more weeks of uni, its time to go home :p BUT shes coming back in two weeks time to go to 'MOVE IT' which is yet another dancey thing. Its a massive dance exhibition in London with loads of different classes you can go to and (dangerously) lots of dance wear retailers. Can't wait :)

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