Sunday, 11 October 2009

Bags of Bags

Hokay, so I have been conspicuously absent for a while, but fear not, for I return with (guess what) more clutch bags!!! Damn I love these things :p. So above there is another chinesy silk one, its a bit different to the other one I made in that it has an asymetric front, and D ring attachments for the straps so they can be altered to either a shoulder strap or wristlet.

I had some houndstooth left over from the last bag I made, so i bashed out another one in a similar style, again with a black bow because I think they are unapologetically cute. This one is a fair bit smaller than the other bags I have made so its got a fixed wristlet strap. Its only really big enough to carry a phone and some cash so a shoulder strap would have been a little bit excessive :p

Finally, and I think this one is probably my favourite, there is this fabulous little green one. Again it has the D rings either side for interchangable straps, and the front has an asymmetric design. Its a shame the fabric hasnt come out properly in the photo, cos the only word for it is fabulous, I love it. Its actually quite dark, with a green glittery pattern interwoven, but only the green seems to have come out cos of the flash.

Anyways as always feedback/random friendly comments are appreciated, watch this space.

Actual genuine love,


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