Monday, 22 September 2008

More old pictures...

Sorry, it'll get more current soon, but I think 2 posts makes the page look rather empty so I thought I would fill it with some more pictures of old projects. (Yes I can kid myself into thinking people want to see them :p)

The one on the right here is an evening style bag made from a folded record. I don't know why melting and reforming vinyl is so fun but it is:p This was made for the same girl as the black and red skirt and so in line with her requirements the interior is green satin and there is an image she chose covering the record centre.

The image on the back of the tank top is a stencil. (If you're into stenciling i find photo quality paper maksthe best stencils). The lettering round the arms is painted by hand.

And finally, this cute little critter is Terry. I made him for my boyfriend while he was revising for his exams.
He now lives on top of his computer.

EDIT! I forgot, I also made this (probably my biggest project of the summer). Alex's costume for Brinky's anime party. I forget who he was meant to be but i machined up the pink gi and hippy trousers.

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