Friday, 19 September 2008

Ooh lookie, I have a blog

Look everyone, I gots a blog! Well I've created this mostly to put up pictures of the things I've made/am making, and possibly have a little rant about problems encountered along the way.

So to get it started off here's a few recent creations :

The image at the top left is some gothic fabric chokers. They were pretty easy to throw together, just sort of put them together on a whim to use up some scraps i had.

The image on the right is a simple earring holder made from a melted and reformed vinyl record. It had a horrible lurid yellow centre so t now doubles up as a photo frame :)

This one is a pixie skirt made from black silk and chinese patterned fabric with an elasticated waist which I was asked to make for a teenage girl in america :)


Charli said...

This blogging business is contagious :P

Please may I put a link to yours on mine?


Alix said...

yeah sure, ill link you back if you tell me how to do it. And yeah it is a bit contagious, just thought it would be a good way of keeping all my pictures of stuff together.

Charli said...

I would explain how to do it, but it would be easier to show you. basically you want to go to "customise" and you need to make a "gadget", past that information you'll either have to figure it out or wait til I can demonstrate