Sunday, 16 November 2008

Some decent pictures thanks to my gorgeous model :D

My friend emma kindly volunteered to model some of the stuff I've made recently, it's kind of difficult to take pictures of yourself and clothes never look anywhere near as nice when they're not on a person, so here goes :)

So here is that waistcoat again minus the myspace mirror pic effect. She requested Studio London levels of direction on posing, hence the leaning pic, she didnt ask again after that...strange :p

Aaaaand the skirt again, I think I've decided I like it best with the long part hanging at the back. Mmm sexy legs ;p
This is one I don't think I've posted on here yet. Its a kind of cross between a high belt and a wasit cincher, either way I like it :) Since the material I used (pleather) wasn't elastic the halterneck strap is there to hold it up.

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Charli said...

Ooh I likes them, very cool