Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The fruits of procrastination

After getting a bit sidetracked by rants of various varieties I thought it was time I got back to the crafty element of the blog. So here we go :) A skirt that I've made over the course of the last week or so just from scraps of material I happened to have (houndstooth check and black velvet). Quite pleased with howit came out considering I completely just winged it, no pattern or anything. I know the picture isnt great, I'll try to get an action shot tomorrow (since im planning on wearing it anyway!)
Other than that its all very busy around here, muchos work as always, and its my dance society's annual show on friday and saturday so my dancer friend is coming down tomorrow and coming to watch on friday which should be nice :)


Charli said...

Loving the skirt :) Good luck at your show, give hugs to Dancer Friend from me!!


Alix said...

will do, glad you like the results of my family law reading time :p