Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Updates from uni land

So there isnt too much time for making stuffs in cambridgeland, especially in freshers week, but I have recently managed to knock together these two beauties (lol well I like them anyways). Firstly (above) I made an asymetrical/ pointy/ strange shaped skirt out of a scarf I picked up for £1.50 from H & M...bargain. It was pretty see through so I made a little underskirt from some plain black jersey and attached it underneath. It has an elasticated waist, and can either be worn so its longer at the back or at one side. What do we think? :)

Secondly, although thinking about it I actually finished this before I came down to Cam, we have a blue shiny waistcoat type thing. (Excuse the myspace style mirror pic, I lack willing models :p) I made a pattern for it from an existing waistcoat belonging to my sister and sort of winged it from there, so given the lack of planning I think it came out pretty well :) I'm not too nifty at making buttonholes yet so it fastens with a purple ribbon laced through some large D-rings.

Well that's it really....although 'some large D-rings' doesnt feel like an appropriate ending to a blog post....which is why I've typed this....woot woot :p


Charli said...

There's a waistcoat...? Sorry all I can see is boooobs :P

Liking your creations by the way :)


Alix said...

lmao perv! Gorton says shes gonna model for me so i can get some better pics up!

Charli said...

lol! You know you don't mind really :P

Cool, does that mean no more myspace pics? lol