Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Retro clutch bag = much procrastination

I am at present meant to be doing my contract reading....so obviously I just finished off another clutch bag I was making and decided to post it on here. What do we think? I would love some feedback. Personally I think its adorably tacky in a kind of cutsey retro kind of way, but that could just be me. If its actually hideous please do let me know :p
Made the bag bit using the same pattern I used for the chinese fabric clutch I made over Christmas, but it looked a bit plain with the less glam fabric so I thought the bow would add a bit of interest (although I'm not overly happy with how its sitting on the fabric).
Not too much to report other than that, almost the end of term, woop woop xxx


Janet said...

I'm not a clutch bag sort of person, I need to carry too much stuff around (but not as much as LMS!!). But I think its very cute :-)
PS The mum in me can't resist - stop putting it off and get on with your reading!!

Alix said...

lol I have actually done it now, hope that placates your inner concerned parent :p

Janet said...

Hi Alix,
Good girl and yes my inner parent feels a lot better now :-)